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About Footballer Tips

Footballer Tips is a provider of sports betting services where all bets are based on EV+ (Positive Expected Value), a method which has helped to bring great returns to all of our clients over the last 2 years.

We design our own EV+ formulas - which with the help of an IA and daily updated stats database - makes our services successful over time with an incredible consistency.

With a community which continues to grow over time, Footballer Tips services aims to be a reference on sports betting industry.

How it works?

To understand how our strategy works, it’s important to understand what is EV (Expected Value).

EV referes to the amount a player can expect to win or lose if they were to place a bet on the same odds many times over, calculated through a simple equation multiplying your probability of winning with the amount you could win per bet, and subtracting the probability of losing multiplied by the amount lost per bet.

Interested in Footballer Tips Services?

1. Choose the pack

We do offer different betting strategies for different bettor profiles. Check our statistics section for more information of each pack offered.

2. Get the link

Please contact us by Telegram so you can inquiry to join a specific pack of our betting services. You will be able to access bets after a link will be provided by the support team member.

3. Make the bets

As you have joined the betting channel for the chosen pack, you can start to place your bets accordingly. You will be able to consult your member area and follow the updated statistics and results for the chosen pack.



Expected Value and Sports Betting

Unlike a coin toss, sports betting odds are subjective, and therefore if you outsmart the bookmaker, you’re likely to make money.

If you calculate your own probability for a match that differs from the implied probability of the odds, you could see where to find a positive EV, and therefore the best chance to win.

This is what we do for every pick sent in the different services packs offer.


Numbers don’t lie, as they say, and betting is definitely a game of numbers.

Being able to analyze the most updated football statistics in order to make key decisions and find positive expected value in a bet is essential.

At Footballer Tips, statistics are updated daily. That way, there is an insurance that we can look at the most accurate numbers and find the correct fair odds to be compared with what bookies offer for each event.


Footballer Tips Insurance Fund

In order to provide a longterm stability for our members, we will keep 10% of every monthly payment from our packs to keep building our Insurance Fund.

The Insurance Fund provides support to our members in the event of an extreme negative month by compensating losses based on published results.

The Footballer Tips Insurance Funds keeps clients safe by avoiding flash crashes and greatly reducing downside risk.

Our packs


In this pack you will have the opportunity to bet in the Over 2.5 & Home Wins market which offers a great balance between ROI% and profits.

11.0% 60€


Our prestigious pack which provides bets on market BTTS No, combining great profits and returns.

18.0% 150€


A very exclusive pack, since it provides bets which are all found in professional exchanges and Asian bookies, meaning unlimited gains.

8.0% 75€

Fooballer Pro

A pack where all bets provided are for big leagues and competitions only, allowing users for higher stakes and usage of the information for in-game trading.

7.0% 105€

Frequently Asked Questions

What differs Footballer Tips services from other regular tipsters is that we bet purely based on EV+ method, always striving to find the best possible value on each bet.

People who starts at sports betting are often not fans of math or statistics, but they just like football and think they can make money by betting on the teams or leagues they love. Just understanding football doesn't make you a good bettor. It can help you through the process, but the sports betting market is much deeper than you might think.

There are numerous methods that will direct you to be profitable, and understanding football is just one of those factors. It is common for bettors who feel very confident about understanding football that end up by breaking their bankroll for not using the desired methods.

For our services, the proposed stake per bet is 20€.

Since every bet should represent 2% of the bankroll, we recommend you to start with a bankroll of about €1000 when starting to follow a new pack. This way you shall be well protected in case of any bad run.

The bankroll value must be in line with the bettor's profit expectation.

Your bankroll should be built based on the percentage of the stake you will bet. We recommend your stake to be 2-3% of the bankroll.. to being a maximum of 4%. This way you can be comfortable enough to face some possible bad runs.

In view of this, we can say that your ideal bankroll is that amount you can reserve for sports betting, without compromising any basic expenses for your home and family. So stop relying on other people, as their reality can be very different from your reality.

Sports betting can be very profitable for those with long term planning and vision.

Many people have an illusory expectation that they will be rich the following month, but to be a good professional and profitable bettor it is necessary to be patient, plan well and have the discipline to carry it out.

It is precisely because it is a difficult job that few bettors manage to be profitable.

So, if you really expect an good returns from betting, seek to improve yourself, be determined and consume quality content so that you can prepare little by little and be able to live only with the profession of bettor.